Jo and Mary met through instagram, and a shared passion for helping other women build and support their mental health. They came together to create a membership site for women, a unique space on instagram where we can learn, grow and support each other through change.


Our Mission

To provide a safe space on social media for women to gain insight into supporting all areas of our lives. Building strength to our mental health, by feeling less alone, building skills such as self-esteem, resilience. Learning what works for us as individuals, gaining insight into our habits, behaviours and thoughts with learnings from qualified experts.

A bit about us…


Mary is a qualified Life Coach and NLP Practitioner on a mission to help women feel that elusive ‘enough-ness’ and to pass to them the tools and techniques they need to support their mental health. Mary has created a supportive social media community and speaks openly about her own experiences of PND, severe depression and severe anxiety in order to help others feel less alone.


Jo is the founder of Lobella Loves and has quickly found herself alongside the business, being an advocate for maternal mental health. Jo uses her platform to break the silence on mental health issues through brutally honest stories, carefully curated posts and sell-out in-person events.